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As an AmeriCorps member serving with Reading Corps, Math Corps or Early Learning Corps you’ll receive benefits like a regular paycheck, extra money for college or student loans, health insurance and more.

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Perks Package

All tutors, with the exception of Educator Corps, are paid a stipend every two weeks during their term of service. The stipend is designed to help members meet the necessary living expenses incurred while serving in AmeriCorps. This stipend is taxed as income, and tutors complete a W-4.

Tutors who successfully complete their terms of service will receive receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. Awarded at the end of your the service term, it can be used to pay educational costs at eligible post secondary institutions, or to repay qualified student loans.

Estimated Education Award (by starting month)

  • August 2023: Up to $4,826
  • October 2023: Up to $3,447
  • January 2024: Up to $2,626

The award has a seven-year expiration period and is considered taxable income in the year that it is used. Please note: Tutors who complete more than one term of service may only receive the total value of two full education awards.

Tutors who are 55 or older at the start of their service have an additional option. They may choose to transfer the education award to a child, stepchild, grandchild, step-grandchild, or foster child. The recipient of a transferred award has 10 years to use it, beginning on the date the member earned the award.

If a tutor is making payments to a federally-backed education loan, payments can be put into forbearance during their service. Upon successful completion of the program, the accrued interest will be paid by the National Service Trust.

Learn more about loan forbearance on the AmeriCorps website.

Members serving full-time are eligible to enroll in health insurance through our programs. The plan is managed through Cigna and includes medical coverage for individual members. It does not cover dependents, California members, or Educator Corps members (school employees who incorporate Reading Corps in their PreK classrooms).

For greatest savings under this plan, members are encouraged to use in-network healthcare providers. Search the Cigna website (using the plan option “Open Access Plus, OA Plus, Choice Fund OA Plus”) to find providers in the network.

2023-24 Medical Benefit Summary (Click to view)

The 2024-25 plan begins on September 1, 2024.

Members serving full-time may qualify to receive child-care assistance through a program administered by GAP Solutions, Inc. In order to be eligible for the assistance program, members must meet income requirements.

To learn more about how to apply, please see our guide. You can also visit the GAP AmeriCorps website for additional details, frequently asked questions and the rules and regulations of the program.

Every AmeriCorps member has access to a Member Assistance Program (MAP), a confidential intervention and referral resource for dealing with a range of issues including stress, conflict, emotional worries, legal questions and more.

Making Higher Education More Affordable

After completing your term of service you are eligible to receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award (up to $4,800). The funds can be used to further your education or repay student loans.

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